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Welcome to the fastest growing portion of Random Walk’s Option Trading educational curriculum. Do not let the term “advanced” intimidate you – this is for anyone who understands the basic concepts of a BWB or butterfly. We simply build from there up. For example, we recently illustrated overlapping BWB’s to protect a short BWB with a long BWB utilizing different strike prices. Expect to see unbalanced 1-5 spreads, short gamma scalping, and other strategies never taught anywhere else. Included in this unbelievable opportunity comes a copy of every Wednesday’s slides and access to the recordings of the sessions you participate in. The webinar is also interactive with the instructor encouraging active participation in the selection of trades and strategies.
Time Spreads is one of Random Walk’s least discussed topics. It is long overdue to be presented in this type of format. For two hours we will go over:

The purpose of a time spread,
How time spreads are priced,
How to guesstimate your break-even points,
Non-directional time spreads,
Directional time spreads,
Short time spreads,
and more.

The last three months of POT would have been a great time for time spreads, but we skipped them for various reasons. It is now time to be reminded of the basic strategy many students have been referring to as their core strategy — time spreads.

Random Walk’s Option Tools can help you find trades using the Random Walk Criteria. Broken Wing Butterfly (One Strategy for All Markets), Collar (Stock, Options and Collars), Put Spread Collar (Option Platinum) and Butterfly Collar (Option Platinum) and more are available. It’s easy. Random Walk’s Option Tools are easy to set up and use. Just type in the stock symbol and you can easily get the trades which meet the Random Walk criteria. It’s flexible. Random Walk’s Option Tools can be customized to suit your trading preferences: create your stock list, change risk levels and more! It’s efficient. It only takes a second to run a search. You can even use this tool to double check your own trades and track its performance from beginning to end.

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